Passport to Happiness

Project Completed

Thank you for believing in us!

Since the first Moment of Happy in Cambodia in January 2007, 88bikes has been on a journey of joy and serendipity, a perpetual ascent. Thanks to you, our supporters, thousands of girl survivors of human trafficking from the Philippines to Nepal are exuberantly riding their bikes, while dozens of girls in Cambodia have designed and sewed their very own handmade dresses. Volunteers have led dozens of bike rides with hundreds of girls from the Navajo Nation to Mozambique, while girls in India and Mongolia have painted beautiful murals.

88bikes has a singular mission: to empower and celebrate these heroic girls so they can lead the happiest lives they were meant to lead. Now, it's time to take 88bikes to the next level. This is your personal invitation to the Passport of Happiness. You have done so much already, and we'd love for you to keep riding with us as we empower thousands more girls through this exciting campaign.

What is the Passport to Happiness? It is a new project fund established to sustain and support the growth of 88bikes. It will allow us to expand and amplify, while still maintaining the intimacy of our one-to-one connection. It will enable us to launch new Joy-based Philanthropic programs, and it will allow us to continue to use 100% of bike or dress donations for bikes and dresses.

88bikes has always been about creating a circuit of joy between donor and recipient. We've worked hard to connect people one-to-one by having each girl pose with her donor's picture and sending this picture back to you. In this same vein, we're offering unique, 88bikes gifts at every funding level, including signed and numbered 88bikes fine art prints of your choice (and, as always, a hand-written thank you card, of course!). See the donation page for details.

Thank you for believing in us, for believing in the power of Joy-Based Philanthropy™. These girls deserve happiness. They've already done the heroic work of looking forward. Now they're waiting on us to help them move forward.

Visit the donation page to view the giving levels for the Passport to Happiness Project... Thank you!

Passport to Happiness Roll Call

Brigid Flanagan, NY
Forman Family, Houston, TX
O’Daffer Family, Sammamish, WA
Blanton Family, Sammamish, WA
Niloo Kia, Los Angeles
Evelyn MacLean, Houston TX
Become an Ambassador

John Parrish, Granbury, TX
Ann Austin, Cache Valley, UT

Become a Diplomat

Christine Russell, Cleveland, OH
Michael Svoboda, Frisco, TX
Stacy and Eric O'Daffer, Sammamish, WA
Tracy and Chris Blanton, Sammamish, WA
Niloo Kia, Los Angeles

Become an Attaché

Bach Bachmann, Barcelona
Richard Sherman, Los Angeles
Forman Family, Houston, TX
Prabitha Ganesh, Palo Alto, CA
Leanne Ritter, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
David M. Festa, Coquille, OR
Brenda Pawlak, Silver Spring, MD
My beloved brothers, Paul, David, Thomas and Jay and their wonderful families
     from Gail Queeney, Gulf Stream, FL
Benito Minicucci, Sammamish, WA
Colleen Casey, NY
Donald Matteson and Marco Croccianti, Brooklyn, NY
Maud King, Brooklyn, NY
Firth Calhoun, Kingston, NY
Cole Matteson, Rebecca Rent, Claire Matteson, Carter Matteson, Brooklyn, NY
Roy Tjioe, Honolulu, HI
Hedy Matteson, Brooklyn, NY
Siedeman Family Foundation and Mariah Carlsen, Victoria, BC, CANADA
Microsoft matching donation program

Become an Expat

Ric and Chris Todhunter, Mount Coolum, Australia
Nicole Queeney, Irvine, CA
John Konther, Staten Island, NY
Cheryl Bowman, Columbus, OH
Lambert Family, Telluride, CO
Kristen Wall, Raleigh, NC
Deanna Black, Cleveland, OH
Michael Mayo, Sammamish, WA
Cynthia Krass, Sammamish, WA
Christopher Harig, Issaquah, WA
Shandell and Marshall Baker, Sammamish, WA
Michael Provenzano, Manhattan Beach, CA
Emily Hart, Denver, CO
Janice Kline, Medina, WA
Eastside Giving Circle, Sammamish, WA
JoAnne Clark, Rocky River, OH
Jackelyn Day, NY, NY
Kevin Lyons, Rye, NY
Winnie Heuer, Houston, TX
John Pepper, Forest, Mississippi
Deanna Black, Cleveland, OH
Jack Konther, Staten Island, NY
Michael Provenzano, Manhattan Beach, CA
Chase Lambert, Telluride, CO
Hawaii Community Foundation, HI

Become a World Class Traveler

Janet Thompson, Buttonwood, CA
Shawn and Heidi Gardner, Plymouth, MN
Laura Catani, Bakersfield, CA
Dennis and Judy Sauls, Aiken, SC
Carrie Regan, Knoxville, TN
Anastasia Christman, Walla Walla, WA
Leanne Ritter, Calgary, CANADA
Graciela Gonzalez, Naples, FL
Deb and Lauren Gagner, Minneapolis, MN
Eric Hass, Morrison, CO
Clare Geoghegan, Nambour, AUSTRALIA
Leslie Hansen, New York, NY
Jesse Devitte, Henniker, NH
Jennifer LaCourte, Pacific Palisades, CA
Daniel Gilden and the Commuter Challenge, Portland, OR
John and Pat Taylor, MD
Tylor Sidener, Parker, CO
Hilary Sarhatt, NEW ZEALAND
Teresa Koster, MA
Kris Chirapongse, Merion Station, PA
Andy Lange, San Diego, CA
Hopkins, Family, Holladay, Utah
Timothy Tattan, Shoreline, WA
Biss and Christy McCarthy, Sammamish, WA
Darin Goehner, Sammamish, WA
Michelle Leonatti, Sammamish, WA
Reit Management and Research, Newton, MA
Kathleen and Carlos Sayles, Sammamish, WA
Greg and Barbara Wood, Sammamish, WA
kenneth chuchro, IL
Mary Breckenridge, Flagstaff, AZ
Mary Beasley, NY
Kerry Murphy, NY
Elaine Philis, NY
Christine Nardi, NY
Stephen Summers, Houston, TX
Elizabeth Hughes, Houston, TX
Leonard and Hannah Golub, Houston, TX
Anonymous Family, Houston, TX
Michael Neupauer, PA
Julie Green, Redding, CT
John Liden, Minneapolis, MN
Marie Louise and David Kinder, Houston, TX
Gregg Family, Houston TX
Eric O'daffer, Sammamish, WA
John and Pat Taylor, Maryland
Colleen Cohen-Simpson, Sammamish, WA
Stephen Blum, San Diego, CA
Mark Green, Baltimore, MD
Greg & Michelle Hollingsworth-Blake, Sykesville, MD

Become a Flâneur

Lynn McArdle, San Francisco, CA
Riley Dessert, Carlsbad, CA
Charles Stewart, Lafayette, LA
Donna Giles, Shallotte, NC
Missy Wryn, Estacada, OR
Ellen Freeman Roth, NH
Elizabeth Stroud, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Ellen Freeman Roth, Manchester, NH
Julia Haire, Sandy Bay, TASMANIA
Josh Miller, Minerva, OH
Piotr Chojnowski, Sunnyvale, CA
Paul Kallmes, Berkeley, CA
Charles Parsons, Minneapolis, MN
Alison Spencer, Nambour, AUSTRALIA
Bill Rosenfield and Gary Gunas, London, ENGLAND
Eric Hass, Morrison, CO
Ralph Brax, Lancaster, CA
Roy Zagieboylo, Glastonbury, CT
Donald Jenkins, Oak Harbor, WA
Nick Bechtoldt, Corbett, OR
Jon Barron, Franklin, TN
Jesse Reiter, Birmingham, MI
Janet Woods, Denver, CO
Mette Brown, Huntsville, AL
Kris Chirapongse, Merion Station, PA
Richard Parker, Bar Harbor, ME
Missy Wryn, Portland, OR
Kristine Mudd, Parker, CO
Michael Hoffman, Toluca Lake, CA
Jeffrey Barton, Coralville, IA
Alice Gunas, Arlington, VA
LuAnn Bradford, SLC, UT
Family Bishop-Perdue, Beaverton, OR
*Girls everywhere (anonymous)
Bill Sex, Shrewsbury, MA
Jon Barron, Franklin, TN
Terry McIntosh, San Mateo, CA
eric hass, Morrison, CO
Tracy Wayman, Seattle, WA
Piotr Chojnowski, Sunnyvale, CA
Sue E Klein, Fort Collins, CO
Cheri Fisk, Corvallis, OR
Meghan Yeats, Sagle, ID
Barbara Finch, Ventura, CA
Terry and Cindy Brown, Palmdale, CA
Robin Ermacoff, Walla Walla, WA
Claire Johnson, Snoqualmie, WA
Jeff Martine, North Bend, WA
JoAnn Clark, Rocky River, OH
Lansing Dental Clinic, Lansing, OH
Sandy Duo, Glen Rock, NJ
Scott and Jacqueline Guilliams, Redmond, WA
Nancy and David Roth, Issaquah, WA
John and Melanie Pickering, Sammamish, WA
Patricia Cone, Sammamish, WA
Lisa Arthofer, Seattle, WA
Teresa Ross, Vancouver, WA
RedMonkey Sports, Costa Mesa, CA
Molly Ebersole, OH
Shelly Field, Portland, OR
Ann Berghout Austin and Denis Austin, Hyrum, UT
Ralph Brax, Lancaster, CA
Nikki Reynolds, Maryland
Missy Wryn, Portland, OR
Doreen Pappas, NY
Jonathan Simmons, NY
Mei Lin Wong, NY
Anthony Campbell, NY, NY
Ben Johnston, Houston
Ronald Jones, Mount Juliet, TN
Jayne Goldstein Interior Design, NY
Johnston Family, Houston, TX
Donna Rogers, Houston, TX
Susan Hays, Houston, TX
Don Bayer, Houston, TX
Thomas and Tricia Thompson, Houston, TX
Manuel Sanchez-Alvarez, Houston, TX
Birgit Hess, Portland, OR
Barbara Finch, Ventura, CA
Arun Malhotra, Miami, FL
Tanya Heinrich and David Mitchum, NY
Eddie Pipkin, Orlando, FL
Urban Family, Annapolis, MD
Donna Dworak, Hyde Park, NY
LuAnn Bradford, SLC, Utah
Charles Parsons, North Carolina

Become a Pilgrim

Claire and John LaRosa, NY
Brian Ng, San Diego, CA
Sara Millican, Mudjimba, AUSTRALIA
Linda Bianchi, Plano, TX
Bridget Haupt, Seattle, WA
Robert Giles, Coolum Beach, AUSTRALIA
Charles Stewart III, Lafayette, LA
Talbot Wallace, Hawthorne Hostel, Portland, OR
Dashle, Mylerson, and Raesana, Sun Prairie, WI
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Lincoln, NE
Melinda S Warren, Selah, WA
Claire LaRosa, NYC
Miguel, Maya, and Steven Friedman, San Rafael, CA
Bryan Pate, Solana Beach, CA
Betty Bloxham, San Mateo, CA
Janet Woods, Denver, CO
Stacy Peterson, Beaverton, OR
Angela Craig, Fall City, WA
Rob Williams, Portland OR
Jane LeGore, Phoenix, AZ
Laurie Wise-Maher, OH
Jennifer Brooks, Union, NJ
Richard Parsagian, Medford, OR
Foster Shultz, Duluth, MN
Jenny Johnson, Laramie, WY
Shellie Chambers, Denver, CO
Rory Chambers, Denver, CO Steven Friedman, San Rafael, CA
Straat Tenney, Brooklyn
Mark Pollaci, Cinnaminsom, NJ
Kit and Marlene Eldridge, Sammamish, WA
Jeffrey and Christine Gentes, Sammamish, WA
Bonnie Altenburg, Redmond, WA
Richard Olin and Janet Payne-Olin, Sammamish, WA
Emlyn and William Baker, Sammamish, WA
Pamela and John Bissell, Sammamish, WA
Janice and Mark Korsmo, Redmond, WA
Donna Cooke, Sammamish, WA
Clare Antil-Little, Sammamish, WA
Mari Rossi, Sammamish, WA
Sharon and Michael Perry, Sammamish, WA
Michael and Cynthia Lazarz, Sammamish, WA
Mary and James O’Neill, Sammamish, WA
James and Carol Genova, Kirkland, WA
Carmen Halstrom, Bellevue, WA
Cheri and John McGowan, Bellevue, WA
Becky Backstrom, Sammamish, WA
Daniel and Claire Higgins, Sammamish, WA
Martha and John Gibson, Sammamish, WA
Dirk and Mary Kayser, Snoqualmie, WA
Craig and Jaye Dee Peal, Fall City, WA
Leslie and Marc Adams, Sammamish, WA
Michael and Lynn Ellen Christian, Woodinville, WA
Mitzi and Robert Fritz, Sammamish, WA
Michael and Christina Hebert, Sammamish, WA
Ashley Kuhn, Kirkland, WA
Abnosamu Sanoja and Michelle Sanoja, Redmond, WA
Michele Andrews, Bellevue, WA
Paul and Susan Latham, Sammamish, WA
Charles and Sandy Marshall, Sammamish, WA
Keith and Carol Rosenthal, Sammamish, WA
Betty Bloxham, San Mateo, CA
Miho Reed, Sammamish, WA
Margaret Garrett, Shelter Island Heights, NY

Become a Backpacker

John Maury, Dallas, TX
Maren Morgan, Lebanon, PA
Ruth Bender, San Francisco, CA
Ronald Potter, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Jason Seickel, Orlando, FL
Deborah Dewberry, Mount Coolum, AUSTRALIA
Linnea Knutson, Burien, WA
Tamara Bishop, Denver, CO
Michael Neupauer, Harrisonburg, VA
Susan Smith, Silver Spring, MD
Steve, Donna, Ian, Andy, Sarah and Kennedy Pronto
Cullen Howe, NYC
Linda Bianchi, Plano, TX
Howard and Janet Mixon, Marietta, GA
Steven Brook, Portland, OR
Dennis Lennox, Miami Beach, FL
Scott Wasserman, Scarsdale, NY
Cecilia Matos, MA
Justin Bradley, Arlington, TN
Laura Nelson, Golden, CO
Zac Richardson, Canton, Georgia
Philip Blevins, Salt Lake City, Utah
Jamie Picker, San Diego, CA
Francesca Tosolini, Bellevue, WA
Scott Wasserman, Scarsdale, NY
Brook Peterson, Pasadena, CA
Andrew Kass, Northbrook, IL
Gary Ness, Ontario, CANADA

Become a Poet

See donation page for details.

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