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10 years ago 88bikes was founded on what seemed at the time to be an audacious idea: Could we engage our community and within a few days come up with enough bikes to endow an entire orphanage with a bike for every child? More than 5,000 bikes later, an endowment of 88 bikes is routine, even modest. We've endowed 500 bikes at one time to a remote community in Mozambique, hundreds of bikes at one time throughout the Philippines, and on our latest trip in March, more than 200 bikes in the red light district of Phnom Penh. Every year we endow between 1000-1500 bikes.

To celebrate our 10th year we thought: What can we do this year to match the challenge of those first 88 bikes in 2006? A challenge as bold for us now, as that first challenge was for us then?

(The Moment of Happy in Sena, Mozambique, the most recent time we worked in Africa. Good to be going back!)

Introducing PROJECT10, a series of special, challenging initiatives that will deliver bikes to women and girls in the most remote and difficult of circumstances and often in places we have never before worked. These are projects that will generate enormous good and great happiness and allow heroic women and girls to transcend their circumstances. For these PROJECT10 initiatives we will need to raise additional funds above the costs of the bikes.

(The Moment of Happy in Sena, Mozambique, 2011)

PROJECT10: DR CONGO, our first PROJECT10 initiative, will deliver as many as several hundred bikes to heroic survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We are working with a fantastic new partner, Peace Exchange, based out of Los Angeles. Peace Exchange runs several sewing centers for sexual violence survivors in the DR Congo, and it is to these women that the bikes will be endowed. The bikes will help the recipients get to their sewing training, stay safe and have fun. The Fair Trade artifacts the women make in the sewing centers are sold throughout the world via Peace Exchange so the bikes will also help the women build their careers.

(The Moment of Happy in Uganda, 2008)

In order to fulfill this first PROJECT10 initiative we will need to raise additional funds above and beyond the cost of the bikes. The DR Congo is one of the most challenging places in the world to work and the women and girls who receive these bikes are already facing massive challenges including violence, political instability, lack of infrastructure and crushing social mores. Let's show them some love!

(The Moment of Happy in Kete Krachi, Ghana, 2010)

Please donate to PROJECT10 today and let's celebrate 10 years by knocking this first tough project out of the park.

As soon as we hit our goal we'll join Peace Exchange and endow the bikes in DR Congo. Hundreds of women and girls will instantly find their lives transformed. Let's not keep these heroic women waiting!

(Beira, Mozambique, 2011)

Thanks so much as always for your support!

88bikes PROJECT10 Supporters:

Bill Sex, CT
Donna Dworak, Hyde Park, NY
Susan Maroc, Marlboro, MA
LuAnn Bradford, SLC, UT
Missy Wryn, Estacada, OR
Susan Hays, Houston, TX
Jack Konther, NY, NY
Schug Family, Portland, OR
Richard Sherman, Los Angeles
Elaine Boomer, Tigard, OR
Holly Young, Dallas, TX
Cullen Howe, NY, NY
Paul Kossa, Alum Bank, PA
Emily Hart, Denver, CO
Nicole Queeney, Los Angeles
Eric and Rochelle Hass, Morrison, CO
Mary Breckenridge, Flagstaff, AZ
Dr. Ann Austin, Hyrum, UT
Nansie Bernard, NY, NY
Donna Giles, Shallotte, NC
Leslie Boyer, Bremerton, WA
Leslie Hansen, NY, NY
Nicole Queeney, Irvine, CA
Emily Hart, Boulder, CO
Holly Young, Dallas, TX
Michelle Hollingsworth and Greg Blake, Sykesville, MD
Betty Bloxham, San Mateo, CA
Hawaii Community Foundation, Honolulu, HI
Steven Roth and Mrs. Ellen Freeman Roth, Weston, MA
JoAnne Clark, Rocky River, OH
Laura Scaramella, London, ENGLAND
Steven Brook, Portland, OR
Alan Kerr, London, ENGLAND
Eric Krathwohl, Bronx, NY
Brigid Flanagan, NY, NY
Rich Schaffer for PJM Charity Ride (for patrick)
Danielle Goold, Cave Creek, AZ
Lauren & Debra Gagner, MSP, MN
Jennifer and Michael Schaffer, PA
Cardinal Heating and Air Conditioning, WI
McKesson Fondation, NJ
MicroSoft Matching, Seattle, WA
Pledgeling Foundation, Venice, CA
Seidman Family Foundation, DE
Leif and Mark, Seattle, WA

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