2017: 88bikes Project Sophea

88bikes Project Sophea

To celebrate 8 years of 88bikes, we're launching a new project, Project Sophea, named after an inspiring young woman outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Project Sophea will focus on Cambodia, but will also initiate projects throughout Southeast Asia. We remain committed to our partners in the Philippines, Nepal and India, and are exploring new partnerships in Burma and Indonesia.



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2017: 88bikes Ride Forever


The 88bikes RIDE FOREVER fund is a group of supporters pledging to donate 8.88 each month to 88bikes. 8 bucks is not a lot — maybe the cost of a really good latte and a pain au chocolat at your favorite coffee shop. But cumulatively it can make a huge difference in allowing 88bikes, like the girls to whom we give bikes, to RIDE FOREVER.



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2017: PROJECT10


Introducing PROJECT10, a series of special, challenging initiatives that will deliver bikes to women and girls in the most remote and difficult of circumstances and often in places we have never before worked. These are projects that will generate enormous good and great happiness and allow heroic women and girls to transcend their circumstances. For these PROJECT10 initiatives we will need to raise additional funds above the costs of the bikes.



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2014: 88bikes Passport to Happiness

88bikes Passport to Happiness

Passport to Happiness is a new project fund established to sustain and support the growth of 88bikes. It will allow us to expand and amplify, while still maintaining the intimacy of our one-to-one connection. It will enable us to launch new Joy-based Philanthropic programs, and it will allow us to continue to use 100% of bike or dress donations for bikes and dresses.



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2013: 88bikes Seamless Possibilities

88bikes Seamless Possibilities

In March 2013 88bikes launched our Seamless Possibilities dressmaking program in Cambodia. Seamless Possibilities leads groups of formerly-trafficked girls through a rigorous, week-long dressmaking curriculum where each girl designs, then sews a beautiful dress for herself, under the mentorship of Kim Ngo, an LA-based costume designer and 88bikes Director of Seamless Possibilities.



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2012: 88bikes Asha

88bikes Asha

88bikes ASHA will endow thousands of bicycles to young girls who have endured and risen above the challenges of abuse and neglect in Eastern Europe, Eastern Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Stay up to date on the progress of the project and all 88bikes’ news by becoming a fan of 88bikes on Facebook or Follow 88bikes on Twitter.



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2010-2011: 88bikes Villages

88bikes Villages

88bikes VILLAGES focuses on small rural locations where our bikes can have a major impact. Villages has raised nearly 1300 bikes that have been donated to villages across the world. The Villages project also included the first 88bikeshop at Navajo Nation, our first North American endowment, plus donations in Mongolia, Bolivia, Mozambique and other locations.



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2009-2010: Project FOUR

Project Four

88bikes in partnership with Touch a Life Foundation and Free the Slaves

88bikes Project FOUR in 2009-2010 brought bikes to children in Ghana, India, Nepal and Vietnam, endowing orphanages, ashrams, centers and schools sheltering the heroic survivors of human trafficking. The Moment of Happy happened at more than a dozen sites throughout the world. Nearly 300 children received a bicycle and over the next year we will be returning to provide them with the training to maintain it.

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2008-2009: Huancayo, Peru

Huancayo, Peru

88bikes in partnership with Andean Outreach

Our 88bikes project for 2008-2009 brought bikes to children in Huancayo, Peru, about 100 miles east of Lima. On January 2nd and 3rd, 2009, over 120 bikes were given away to kids at several orphanges in Huancayo. 88bikes supported the needs of these heroic children whose lives have been impacted by HIV, the Shining Path guerilla movement, and the regional poverty that have destabilized Peru over the past two decades. The kids range in age from as young as 4 or 5 years old to kids in their late teens.

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2007-2008: Patongo Displaced Persons Camp, Pader, Uganda

Pader, Uganda

88bikes in partnership with the Global Youth Partnership for Africa

It was truly inspiring to see the outpouring of generosity when we announced the project in Uganda. We had extraordinary support and were able to deliver 200 bikes to the kids in Patongo, a camp for refugees of the Ugandan Civil war. The camp was originally established as a temporary encampment for just a few hundred people, but today is a small city with thousands of permanent residents. You can learn more about the Patongo school and the children there by watching the 2007 Oscar-Nominated documentary War/Dance.

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2006-2007: The Palm Tree Orphanage, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

88bikes in partnership with Friends of Cambodian Children

Thanks to some amazing generosity, well over 88 kids at the Palm Tree Orphanage were given bikes, locks, helmets, and shoes from 88bikes in January 2007. These bikes have made a huge difference to the kids, bringing joy to their lives, a sense of freedom and possibilities, and of course a useful form of transportation in Cambodia, where bikes are quite popular as a way of getting around.

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