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Headquarters and community hub

In 2011, we joined forces with DesignBuildBluff to build the 88bikeshop—a mobile, sustainable, hand-built, solar-powered shop that serviced our bike endowment on the remote and sprawling Najavo Nation.

The 88bikeshop is now being transitioned into our headquarters where we will:

  • host talks from inspiring authors, activists and filmmakers about everything from Joy-Based Philanthropy to climate change, oceans, human rights and the work of other NGOs, like Surfrider Foundation;

  • offer 88bikes information and photography on site;

  • invite the community to relax in our Euro-style outdoor coffee-shop;

  • serve Cambodia coffee sourced from a family in the Ratankiri Province, available free for a donation of any amount;

  • stock ElliptiGO bikes for our donors to borrow; and 

  • work with our volunteers and team to grow Joy-Based Philanthropy. 

In 2019, we’ll choose a permanent home for 88HQ. Los Angeles? Seattle? Bozeman? Jackson Hole? Know a great spot? We’re listening!  

Here are the Collyard kids of West Lakeland, Minnesota holding their 2nd annual lemonade stand for 88bikes!
One Lap for Memphis hosts their annual mountain bike ride in support of 88bikes.
A scene from one of the many art installations we hold to raise awareness about the power of giving a girl a bike. Above is the  Forest of Dreams , hosted at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, where we displayed 2,000 images of girls who have received bikes in a forest of LED lights.